Commissioning Evaluations – Romania 2024

Category: Trainings

Organised by the Evaluation Helpdesk on behalf of the European Commission.

This training seminar was held in Braila on the 27 and 28 February 2024.

Programme : Agenda_support RO_training.docx

Content: 2024_RO_Commissioning_Helpdesk_FINAL.pdf

Trainers: Virginie BesrestThomas DelahaisAndrea Naldini

Suggested reading:

  • COX, J. , BARBROOK-JOHNSON, P. (2021). How does the commissioning process hinder the uptake of complexity-appriopriate evaluation? Evaluation. Link

Resources used during the seminar:

  • … to identify the potential users and uses to which the evaluation could cater. The map of uses of evaluation approaches (EN & FR). Also available online.
  • … to write evaluation questions in your ToRs. Writing better evaluation questions (EN)
  • … to understand the different postures of evaluators and clarify which one you expect in this evaluation. What kind of evaluator are you (Multilingual)