Seminar on employment in the outermost regions

Seminar on 9 March 2016

Venue: Albert Borschette Congress Centre - Rue Froissart 36 (9 March) and EESC - Rue Belliard 99 (10 March) , Brussels

During the February 2015 Conference of the Outermost Regions’ Presidents, held in Guadeloupe, the Commission (DG EMPL and DG REGIO) decided to organise a joint seminar on employment in the framework of the OR Employment Network and in order to support actions having an impact on unemployment in the ORs.

The main objective of the seminar was to have a technical/working seminar with the participation of representatives from the ORs, experts on the field of employment at regional and national level, as well as representatives from civil society (including from the regional Economic and Social Committees).