Study on the adequacy and sustainability of social protection systems: attitudes in the EU

The overall purpose of the study is to collect and report policy-relevant evidence on preferences of the citizens for social protection. The analysis aims, in  particular, at identifying the type of social contract that is favoured by people, at providing a clear overview of the factors that influence the demand for social protection and solidarity, and at exploring the potential for EU-wide solidarity and protection.

Trust in institutions in the 21st century

The objective of the study is to understand trends in institutional trust in Europe and their relation to societal changes. The research seeks to characterise groups in society with higher or lower trust in national and EU institutions and to consider why patterns of trust have changed over time.

The EU Social Situation Monitor

The aim of the project is to analyse trends in income distribution, poverty, social exclusion and material deprivation as well as health across the European Union, the position of different groups in society in these regards and the social welfare systems in place in different Member States for tackling problems of inequality and deprivation.

Child poverty

The study aims at providing a detailed framework for the development of more coherent and integrated policies to combat child poverty and social exclusion of children and builds on the work carried out in 2007 by the Commission and the Member States in the context of the European Strategy for Social Inclusion.