Support for Social Protection Statistics (ESPROSS)

The project was conducted for Eurostat by the consortium composed of Applica (leader) and Alphametrics. The overall purpose of the project was to support Eurostat in the continued undertaking of ESSPROS related activities and to assist in the work to further develop the ESSPROS system.

Main tasks in the project:

  • developing the existing ESSPROS data collections.
  • supporting the extension of the ESSSPROS system through the development of the methodological basis for a new data collection on the number of recipients/beneficiaries of social benefits in the unemployment function.
  • assisting Eurostat in the preparation and delivery of meetings that underpin the ongoing process of exchange and consensus building amongst ESSPROS stakeholders.
  • statistical training for ESSPROS domain.

Net social protection benefits (ESSPROS)

The objective of this project is to assist Eurostat in the preparation, collection and validation of the pilot data collection on net social protection benefits to be carried out in all Member States by the end of 2008 and the preparation of feasibility studies to improve the data.

Development of a draft methodology for the collection of harmonised statistics on childcare

The primary concern of this project, after collecting data on the demand and provision of childcare from all Member States, was to indicate the data which still need to be made available in order to assess the support available to those with children and the use they make of this. A parallel aim was to develop a methodology for data collection to ensure some degree of coherence and as much comparability as possible across countries.