Latest update of the MISSOC information (as of January 2022) on national social protection systems now available

Updated information on social protection systems in all EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – including brief descriptions of their organisation and information on the social protection of the self-employed – is now available in English, French and German on the MISSOC website.

For this update, the information in Table II – Healthcare has been revised to ensure completeness and consistency of information across countries. Please note that temporary measures introduced as a response to the COVID crisis are not included  (unless they have become an integral part of the social security system).

MISSOC (Mutual Information System on Social Protection) is an important online source of up-to-date comparable information on social protection systems in European countries. The information comes from a network of officials from national ministries and institutions responsible for administering social protection which is coordinated by the MISSOC Secretariat – currently run by us – on behalf of the European Commission.