ESF+ Data Support Centre

The ESF+ Data Support Centre aims to support Member States and the European Commission at the production of ESF, FEAD and ESF+ (shared management strand) statistics, including methodological and harmonisation aspects.

It provides methodological support to the Commission and Member States; develops and reviews ESF, FEAD, and ESF+ data plausibility and consistency checks; and aggregates and synthesises ESF, FEAD, and ESF+ monitoring data.

The ESF+ Data Support Centre is run by ICF SA in association with Alphametrics Ltd, Ockham IPS and Applica.

Ex post Evaluation of Cohesion Policy Programmes 2014-2020 financed by the ERDF and CF: WP1

The ex post evaluation is aimed at assessing the achievements and effects of all programmes co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) in the 2014-2020 period, including territorial cooperation programmes.

Work Package 1 will synthesise the findings of the various WPs and integrate them with those of the analysis carried out under WP1 itself. The aim is to present these findings in a coherent way so that the overall results of the ex post evaluation and the implications for policy which can be drawn from them can be clearly seen.

Exploratory study: filling in the knowledge gaps and identifying strengths and challenges in the effectiveness of the EU Member States’ minimum income schemes

The aim of the project, awarded to Applica and ICF (leader), was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the challenges in the effectiveness of the EU Member States’ minimum income schemes. The main tasks included

  • mapping existing schemes;
  • identifying strengths and challenges in their effectiveness for alleviating poverty and facilitating labour market transition and social inclusion;
  • and the impact assessment of various measures aiming at enhancing the effectiveness of these schemes.

The final report can be downloaded here: