ESF+ Data Support Centre

The ESF+ Data Support Centre aims to support Member States and the European Commission at the production of ESF, FEAD and ESF+ (shared management strand) statistics, including methodological and harmonisation aspects.

It provides methodological support to the Commission and Member States; develops and reviews ESF, FEAD, and ESF+ data plausibility and consistency checks; and aggregates and synthesises ESF, FEAD, and ESF+ monitoring data.

The ESF+ Data Support Centre is run by ICF SA in association with Alphametrics Ltd, Ockham IPS and Applica.

Study on the feasibility of a child guarantee for vulnerable children: Phase II

The study aims to provide a thorough economic and financial analysis of the design, feasibility, governance and implementation options of a possible future Child Guarantee Scheme in all EU Member States. To achieve this, it has prepared a detailed comprehensive study exploring what would be the most cost-effective strategy for the competent authorities to realise a child guarantee for all children at risk of poverty in the EU. The study complements the Study on the feasibility of a child guarantee for vulnerable children: Phase I.


Women and men in decision-making

The aim of the project is to further develop and maintain the database “Women and men in decision-making” which contains details of the relative numbers of women and men in decision-making positions in various areas of political, judicial, economic and social life in the EU Member States, the EEA countries¬† and the candidate countries as well as in the European Institutions.