Coordination of international networks

Since its inception in 1992, Applica has undertaken many research studies spanning the European Union and beyond and has made every effort to involve suitable national experts in order to incorporate their understanding of the situation on the ground in the analysis. This has led to the creation of international networks of collaborators in various areas of expertise who we can call up on to help undertake comparative studies.

A number of the studies have entailed the specific establishment and coordination of networks of experts across the EU on economic or social issues, such as labour market adaptability, economic restructuring, regional development and social policy for combating poverty and exclusion as well as providing protection for those unable to support themselves from their earnings from employment and other sources.

The fact that a great many of the reports produced by Applica have been published in all the Community languages has also led to the establishment of a network of translators and editors in these various areas who have an understanding of the subject matter and are, therefore, able to produce high quality translations in their own languages.