Drafting, editing and presentation

A clear and well-written text which presents research findings in an understandable way is as important as the analysis itself. However well done, the analysis of economic and other major issues is unlikely to have much of an impact or affect the policy debate significantly without being accessible to non-specialists. At Applica, we pay as much attention to conveying the results of the studies we carry out in a readable and attractive form as we do to selecting the right data to use and choosing the most suitable method of analysis.

Graphs, tables and maps, designed to bring out the features of the analysis and the main findings, are an integral part of increasing understanding and getting the message home. We, therefore, spend time and effort or preparing visual presentations not just to illustrate the text but to reinforce the main points being made. We also take care to ensure that they are designed in such a way as to minimise redundant details which are liable to detract from the message – or messages – they seek to convey.