Research and Analysis

Applica has many years of experience in undertaking research on the European economies and analysing the major problems and challenges facing them. Many important changes have occurred during this time, from the formation of the single market to the establishment of the single currency and the integration into the European Union of the former Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. But the underlying challenges have remained much the same. How to:

  • preserve and develop the European social model in the face of globalisation and the increasing competition from low cost developing economies;
  • sustain growth and rising living standards while protecting the environment;
  • ensure that everyone shares in the gains from economic growth and European integration;
  • ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to contribute to achieving those gains and fulfilling their potential and ambitions;
  • reduce the wide regional disparities which exist across Europe;
  • confront the prospect of an ageing and declining population;
  • increase the number of people in work in the many parts of Europe where employment levels are low and the jobs available inadequate;

We do not pretend to have the answer to all of these questions, but they give an indication of the scope of our research interests and the issues we have analysed over the years as well as of the areas in which we have built up understanding and expertise.