Data management

Data is the key to analysing and to gaining an understanding of the nature of the problems and the underlying factors at work. But to be able to use the key means first identifying the most appropriate statistics to apply and then ensuring that they are reliable and robust enough to give meaningful results when used as the basis for analysis. It also means adjusting them as necessary to correct for breaks in the series when analysing examining over time or for differences in coverage when comparing across countries.

We, at Applica, have unrivalled knowledge of the statistics available at both the European and wider international level to use for this purpose. With our sister company, Alphametrics, we have been for some years the number one client for social and employment data produced by Eurostat (the European Commission Statistical Office). Thanks to our long-term experience with data, we know about the deficiencies and which series to apply for particular purposes. And if we need help and advice on this, we can talk to the statisticians at Eurostat with whom we have built up a close working relationship over the years.

Our expertise, however, is not confined to the selection, processing and use of quantitative data. We also have extensive experience of applying qualitative information in tandem with statistics to extend and deepen understanding of the range of issues we address and of the factors surrounding them.